Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My First Ever Blog

OK, so I thought MySpace was a neat way to keep in touch, but after viewing many of my friends and family's blogs, I wanted to join in. I don't really know where to start, but I guess I will give you the basics. Brother and I are living in Guntersville, Alabama, although I would be open to moving anywhere, he wants to stay here. We have two beautiful children-Rollins who was born July 2005 and Grady was born January 2007. Rollins is my mini me--she has the curly red hair and the attitude to go with it. Grady is my sweet innocent child, although I will say, he is learning a lot from his big sister. Rollins is at the age where she doesn't miss a thing and you have to be extremely careful with what you say. She like to repeat everything later on when she is talking to someone else. She learned to count in Spanish before she could count in English--thanks to Handy Manny. She knows all 5 dance positions, can sing any christmas carol you request, and is already a backseat driver constantly telling us to watch out. She has a whole entourage of baby dolls that go with us everywhere. She puts them in their own carseats, carries a diaper bag with bottles, diapers, cell phone and camera, and has to have them wrapped in blankets. We have to take their pictures when they do something new (Rollins stands behind me and makes them smile). Brother and I just love to watch her--she cracks us up everyday with something new. Grady, on the otherhand is our homemaker--he likes to vaccuum, cook, and have his hair blowdried. His isn't walking yet, but he can stand forever. I know he can do it if he would just try, but I think he enjoys crawling. However, he can get to the top of the steps within seconds. He has already given me several mild heart attacks when I turn my back for just a second.
Brother works as a representative with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and loves his job. I have a gift shop in town, but would love to be home with my children. I really miss getting to see them all day--they are only this age once, and hopefully one day soon, I can be home with them. We do try to make the most of the time we have together. Rollins and Grady travel with us pretty much everywhere we go. This past summer, when Grady was 5 1/2 months and Rollins wasn't quite 2, we took them to Milwaukee for Brother's annual meeting. We spent a couple days in Chicago beforehand and took Rollins to the American Girl Doll Store. It was such an awesome trip. We drove the whole way taking 3 days going up there, but did it all in 1 day coming home (we even managed to get a stop in to The Rainforest Cafe in Nashville so Rollins could blow out the candles on a volcano for her 2nd Birthday). Out of all the places I have been in my life, that was the best trip ever because it was just our family--a lot of people thought we were crazy though--Grady had never even spent a night in anything but his crib. I really hope we can do that again one day.
Anyway, I plan on keeping this up and trying to fit in time to let everyone know how our family is doing.