Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer 2008

This summer has been pretty low key so far, but we are enjoying it much more this year now that Rollins and Grady are getting more independant. We have spent most of our free time at the lake with our family and friends.

Here is Rollins and Ann Daniel on the barbie jeep at the McCulley's. Rollins loves Ann Daniel to death and they play so well together. I am so glad she has atleast one girl her age that she really likes. It just seems that everyone else her age is a boy. There were only 4 girls in her nursery school class this past year. I don't know what was in the water when we had her but she is definitely in the minority.

Brother got us a 2 person kayak for the lake so we can take the kids for rides. I thought he was crazy, but we have really enjoyed it. Not to mention, it's pretty good exercise for both of us. Several of our friends got one too so maybe we can all go on rides together. We are also planning on taking it to the beach with us. I don't know how confident I am of my paddling skills in the ocean but it should be very interesting.

This picture is so pitiful. Last year we had a pool at the boathouse, but it somehow flew into the lake over the winter, and we had not gotten a new one yet. It was really hot, so Rollins wanted to go swimming. Brother got the bright idea of filling the cooler with lake water (our water line had also busted over the winter, so we didn't have fresh water) and let that be Rollins swimming pool. She didn't mind at all. I will say that she is usually good at making the most of every situation. She stayed in the cooler all day.

Grady is still not too fond of the lake. We are trying to get him used to the water. He loves the swimming pool but I think he feels the same way about the water as I do. I have never been a big fan of lake water. Hopefully by the end of the summer, he will be swimming all over the place like his big sister.

Friday, June 6, 2008

End of school for Rollins

Rollins had her nursery school program and it was quite funny. She hadn't had a nap that day and I was real interested in how she would do. She came out, sat in her seat, of course beside Ann Daniel, and sang her songs. I was so proud of her!

Then, they began to sing, "Oh be careful little hands what you do" and Miss Rollins decides she has a booger that she needs to get right in front of everyone. Everyone was laughing so I joined in.

Then, Rollins just gets bored and decides to lay in the floor. Why is it the teacher's grandaughter has to be the worst behaved when all the parents are watching?

Here she is being "Day One" on the days of creation. She did this beautifully, so she was beginning to renew my faith in her.

And finally, here she is getting her diploma. Notice how we started the program with a bow and ended it, without one. I do not know what her deal is, but it drives me crazy because she would rather her hair hang in her face.

This is a great shot of her and Ann Daniel from the last day of school. They have become such good friends and I love to watch them play together. They are so sweet and sincere with eachother and they get so excited to see eachother. I am sure this is just the beginning of a very long friendship. What is so neat about this is that Brother is the one that introduced her parents back in college. Ann Daniel's mother, Julie Ann, was from Guntersville. Brother had a friend, Chris, at college who graduated with Clark, Brother's cousin in Birmingham. Brother brought Chris home with him spring break and that is how he and Julie Ann met. Now they live here.

Rollins had a wonderful school year and I can't wait for Grady to go next year. She is such a social butterfly and has developed so much as a result of her schooling. She has made some precious friends and I am looking forward to next year when they all come back.