Friday, May 7, 2010

More Spring

My mother's nursery school recently took a trip to the local Dominos to make pizzas. All the kids love this field trip! Since this was Rollins's 2nd year to go, she knew all the answers to the questions and got to make her pizza first. They made her into a ghost, which she thought was so funny.
Grady, however, was a little unsure about the ghost thing. He has been very clingy lately and wanted to be held the whole trip.

Here is Rollins rolling out her dough.

After putting on her sauce and cheese, she added her all time favorite topping--mushrooms.

They helped the kids place it in the hot hot oven.

Here's the class minus Grady because he didn't want in the picture.

Rollins also attended a birthday at Pump it Up, which she absolutely loves that place! We took Grady's nursery school class there for his 3rd birthday in January, and let me tell you--it was the easiest party we have ever thrown. They do everything for you--all you have to do is show up.

She had just as much fun playing with the balls, as she did on the inflatables.

Rollins has really enjoyed all she is learning in Gymnastics and took full advantage of the mats they had there. She is doing a headstand in this picture. She also just recently got her back roll--something we were all so proud of because she has worked so hard on it.

Friday of last week, it was finally warm enough to get the slip and slide out. Ann Daniel had come to play with Rollins, so they couldn't wait to get the Bikinis on and take a run.

Grady lasted much longer than the girls. He would have stayed out there all day.

The kids are so ready for summer and can't wait to pull out the big waterslide. I just hope that Brother will get us some dirt and grass for our backyard, so we don't have to bother the neighbors with all the water toys in the front yard.

Brother came home with a surprise for Grady this week. He LOVES golf, and his drive goes across several yards. To keep us from chasing balls, we now have the net. Brother and Grady can hit together since Grady is left handed. While I was outside watching Grady, Rollins had a surprise waiting on me inside.

We had been to the grocery store earlier in the day, and somehow, Rollins convinced me to buy her one of those frozen strawberry creme pies. Little did I know, she thought she could just eat the pie all at one time.
A little update--I am exactly 18 weeks today and feeling pretty good--a little tired, but I can't complain. We went to the regional softball game this morning to watch Katie Marie and the Wildcats. They won 5-1 and are playing again as I type. Rollins and Grady took a 4 hour nap this afternoon because they were so worn out from the game. Hopefully the girls will advance on to State next week. Go Cats!