Friday, September 7, 2012

My Mother's Request

It seems like a day doesn't go by without me sharing some hysterical story with my mother and friends about something one of the kids has done or said. I know I could never possibly remember all these stories and my mom keeps telling me I could write a book just on the daily adventures with these 3 lovable but extremely entertaining babies.
As most of you know, We are HUGE Auburn fans and the words Roll Tide might as well be a potty word at our house. This past weekend, my parents kept the children while Brother and I went to the Georgia Dome for the Chick fil-a kick off bowl. Right after Auburn looses, my mother sends me a video of JT saying Roll Tide.
Jon Thomas has a fabulous vocabulary, and there isn't a word he can't repeat, but he absolutely will not say War Eagle. This is killing my husband and the kids. Everything about him is so totally different from Rollins and Grady, so I have come to accept the fact that he might not be the auburn fan we all expected. But then again, I think we can bribe him into it;)