Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last Weekend continued

So, I only got through Friday on my last blog, so I am going to wrap up the weekend.

Saturday, some Auburn friends of ours came over to watch football. They have a little girl in between Rollins and Grady and they love when Ella gets to come over and play. Rollins and G were getting a bath and Ella wanted to join in.

Rollins and Grady wore one of their fall outfits to church last Sunday. They looked too cute so I had to get a picture. They are getting much better about posing for pictures together.
After church, we went to Huntsville to get Wii. Here is Brother playing Wii Cheer that we got for Rollins. It was so funny to see him trying to be tight and do all the correct motions.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

A nice weekend at home

It seems like we have been going and going all fall, but after Auburn's loss to Vanderbilt in Nashville last weekend, we decided not to go to Auburn this weekend, and after watching the game Saturday night, we were so glad we stayed here.

I posted a video last week of Rollins dancing and singing Bow Chick a Wow Wow. I just had to include a picture of her getup she put together for her performance. Her style just cracks me up.

We were finally able to wear some new fall clothes. They loved their new outfits!

Somehow the month of October snuck up on me and I had all these Halloween outfits for the kids and to make it worse, Fall Break is the month of October so they lose one week of getting to wear their halloween clothes to school, so Friday morning, I woke up and made Grady and outfit to match Rollins dress I made earlier. I thought they turned out pretty cute. It's amazing how much they love clothes I make for them. They are so proud of them and tell everyone, "my mommy made this." It makes me proud too!

We also attended the Guntersville versus North Jackson Football game Friday night. Guntersville played a great game, but ended up getting beat by one point. Tegan came to the game with Kate and it was really good getting to see her. Rollins and Grady absolutely love going to football games, so I don't know what we are going to do when football season is over.
I am going to post the pictures from Saturday and Sunday hopefully tomorrow because I need to get to bed. Have a great night!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What a wonderful day!

There is not really one particular event that made this day so wonderful, but, a culmination of things. I woke up this morning a bit tired, but excited to take Rollins to gymnastics--she loves going and I get to spend the rest of the day with her--it's just girls for a whole day. On the way to Huntsville, I got to talk to my dear friend Tegan about Organic Eating. With Rollins and Grady's disorders, I have been researching ways to help ease up some of the symptoms. I am willing to do whatever it takes, to make their life easier. She is such a blessing because she and her husband and her 1 year old all eat organic. This is such a source of information for me since I know nothing about cooking organic foods. We are hoping to sit down tomorrow so she can teach me everything she knows. At gymnastics, Rollins did so well. She is really progressing and I am so proud of her. Her feet are always together and toes pointed. Her coach said she is a natural and is amazed by her strength, especially in the arms. I was always stronger in my legs, so this is surprising to me. I guess it's because of the 7 gallons of milk we go through at our house a week:) Afterwards, Rollins and I went to Bridgestreet to do a little shopping and have lunch at Rollins's favorite restaurant, Red Robin. Rollins has become my best shopping buddy. She loves to pick out clothes and try them on in the dressing room. Today, I was trying on a dress, and she put her hand up and said, "oh mom, you have got to have that!" It makes me smile just thinking about it. We spent about 45 minutes in Limited Too so that she could pick out a couple necklaces and bracelets. She kept wanting "ear sticks" or what I call earrings. I told her she would have to ask her daddy for that one. Anytime we go to eat, she has to order by herself and today she ordered cheese pizza, prench pries and dip and sweet tea. Waitresses always get a kick out of her because she is so dramatic and acts like she is an adult. Last Friday night, the whole family went to Red Robin, and as we were walking back to the car, Rollins said, "wait, we have to go shopping!" It cracks me up how much she is just like me. Our final wonderful day happening was tonight at dinner. Grady has gone a couple days without vomitting, so he finally ate like he used too. I was so proud of him. He had maccaroni and cheese and corn, and Rollins put her fork in his meal to get a bite, and he picked up his plate and went to sit at the big table. It was fine with me that he didn't want to share because I wanted him to eat as much as little tummy wanted. Rollins has been doing great! She did however, have a few vomitting episodes two nights ago at my parents house. Her voice seems to be getting even scratchier, so I hope she doesn't have more acid damage. We go back to the doctor this month, so I am very anxious to ask him many questions. Mainly if this is genetic. I would love to have more children, but if this is genetic, which it seems to be, I just don't think I can go through this with another child. I am praying that it is just a fluke that they were both born this way. I also want to change Grady's medication since his spells are getting worse and he is having difficulty swallowing his food.
I feel so very blessed to have wonderful people in my life to help with Rollins and Grady and give them the same love I give them myself. My parents are wonderful to them. They love them more than they love their own children and I am so proud to say that. My grandparents have also become a very special part of Rollins and Grady's lives. It brightens the kids faces as soon as they walk through the door. I really didn't have great grandparents that I saw on a regular basis so I think it is so neat that they have developed such a close relationship with them. Also, my brother, Jon and his beautiful wife, Jackie--they have been so good to Rollins and Grady. They are so good to me and Brother and will always keep them if I am ever in a bind or they will even call up and ask if they can just come get them and take them somewhere. They are expecting their first child anyday now, and I know they will be wonderful parents because of the love they have shown for Rollins and Grady. And finally, I am so thankful for Foster, our precious babysitter and friend. She is the only person I trust to stay the weekend with my children and take care of them the way I would. People like her are a rare find. I truly do believe God is a good God, and I don't thank him enough for the wonderful people he has put in my and Brother's life.

Monday, October 6, 2008

War Eagle?

OK, so I grew up an Alabama fan, went to college in Nashville, and married an Auburn fan. I really never had a preference, but I will admit that I would take Brandy and Hillary's side when debating with Tegan and Ashley at lunch in junior high over whose stadium was bigger--I still don't know the answer, but I am sure Brandy does. So, when Brother and I got married, he left me no choice in who to pull for. He grew up a "dye hard" auburn fan. The year we got married, we went to most of the games and Auburn ended up undefeated. Every Auburn/Alabama game I have gone to, Auburn has won, so I will say, I felt like I have been on the winning team's side. However, this past weekend, really threw me for a loop. I was so excited to go to Nashville because so many of my college friends are still there. William went with us to the game, and we picked up my friend Caryn, who cheered with me in college as soon as we got to town. We met up with two of my pledge sisters, Melanie and Ashley at a neat little restaurant called Rotiers downtown. Everything was going wonderfully! We got to the game and it was a little hot so we didn't go to our seats til right before the game. Auburn gets off to a great start scoring 2 touchdowns in the first quarter. They miss the second extra point and Brother looks at me and says, "that will be the deciding factor in the game." I told him he was crazy. Well, he was right. It was like Auburn just left Nashville after that. Brother was so disgusted. He kept wanting to leave, but my naturally optimistic self kept telling him they would pull it off. We all know the ending to this story so I won't go there. We were suppose to spend the night in Nashville and meet up with my friends after the game, but instead we came home after cheese fries at Outback. Brother has said our days of attending Auburn games are over--atleast til Tony Franklin is gone or something miraculous happens. My poor little Rollins will be heartbroken seeing as how she is the biggest Auburn fan I know. Her best friend, Ann Daniel, who is also 3 called her last night and told her to wear her Auburn cheerleader uniform to school today, so ofcourse she did and so did Ann Daniel. They are both so proud to be for Auburn. Maybe by the time they are old enough to know what's going on, Auburn will be back on their feet.