Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jon Thomas's Little Surprise for me

After raising two babies, you become pretty familiar with developmental skills and milestones. Rollins was sitting up at 5 months and walking at 8 months, while Grady walked at 11 months. I always knew that not all babies walked that early, but I thought they were all sitting alone by six months. So, I have been concerned about Jon Thomas and his ability to sit up or should I say lack there of. I work with him everyday, but he just falls right over. This afternoon, I got my little baby newsletter, and wouldn't you know, it was on "signs that your baby may have developmental delays". I thought, ok, this is a sign. Of course the newsletter stated that a baby should be sitting alone by 6 months, so as soon as I got home, I told Brother maybe it was time to take JT to the doctor about his development because he couldn't sit up. I said watch how he falls over, then I proceeded to sit him on the bed. To my shock and amazement, he just sat there. he was looking all around like "what's the big deal?". I ran and got my phone to get a picture and he was still just sitting there when I got back. If you all could have seen him yesterday when i was working with him, you wouldn't believe it. I guess this is just JT's way of telling me to chill out because he has this thing under control.

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