Wednesday, March 23, 2011

God Will Provide

My how time flies! It was 6 months ago today that Jon Thomas made his big arrival into this crazy world. He has brought so much joy to our family, and I absolutely could not imagine our lives without him. He is our "miracle" baby. For those of you that don't know, I Found out on October 8, 2009 that the baby I was carrying was not a viable pregnancy. I was absolutely devastated-it had already taken us almost a year to conceive this child. Then, one week later, my grandfather passed away. I was still going for blood work every other day, and after a trip to Gatlinburg to take a break from the blood work, my labs showed my levels had actually doubled meaning the baby was still growing, however, it wasn't growing where it should be-it was in my Fallopian tube. My wonderful doctor knew we wanted more children and were already having a difficult time conceiving that he made the decision to do a form of chemotherapy known as methotrexate instead of removing my tube. It was not guaranteed to work, but he wanted to give it a shot. Part of this treatment was you could not try to conceive until all the methotrexate was completely out of your system. I don't want to say I sunk into Depression, but I definitely was not me for the next few months. I grieved more than I thought was possible for a child I never even saw. One of my best friends had a baby a few days before Christmas and it took me one month to even see the baby. I have never hurt like that before, and as I sit here typing this, all the same emotions and tears are coming back. Then, in February, I went to the doctor to see if it was ok to start trying again. I was so ready to move forward and get my old self back. They did a sonogram to make sure everything looked ok, and I was completely shocked when they told me I was 6 weeks pregnant. Certain things have to happen for someone to get pregnant and those things never happened. I was 100 percent sure that God has placed that baby there because there is no other explanation for it. What came next was just as shocking-the due date was October 8, 2010. That's the same day I found out I was miscarrying the year before. God had suddenly replaced what would have been a day of mourning for me with a day of new life. God must have really big plans for Jon Thomas!

Tonight, I told Brother that when I was pregnant with Jon Thomas, I worried I wouldn't love him as much as rollins and Grady because I just didn't know how I could find that much more love inside of me. I am absolutely amazed now, by the depth of my love for that sweet little boy. There are not words to describe just how much I love him. If there is one thing I have learned in life, it's God will provide.

On another note, Brother and I were eating at KFC today, and I wAs feeding Jon Thomas mashed potatos on my finger, and I felt something on his gum-it was his first tooth! I think I got more excited about that than rollins and grady's first tooth. That's the little nub on the left side.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jon Thomas's Little Surprise for me

After raising two babies, you become pretty familiar with developmental skills and milestones. Rollins was sitting up at 5 months and walking at 8 months, while Grady walked at 11 months. I always knew that not all babies walked that early, but I thought they were all sitting alone by six months. So, I have been concerned about Jon Thomas and his ability to sit up or should I say lack there of. I work with him everyday, but he just falls right over. This afternoon, I got my little baby newsletter, and wouldn't you know, it was on "signs that your baby may have developmental delays". I thought, ok, this is a sign. Of course the newsletter stated that a baby should be sitting alone by 6 months, so as soon as I got home, I told Brother maybe it was time to take JT to the doctor about his development because he couldn't sit up. I said watch how he falls over, then I proceeded to sit him on the bed. To my shock and amazement, he just sat there. he was looking all around like "what's the big deal?". I ran and got my phone to get a picture and he was still just sitting there when I got back. If you all could have seen him yesterday when i was working with him, you wouldn't believe it. I guess this is just JT's way of telling me to chill out because he has this thing under control.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Little Piece of Heaven

I feel like most days I take my life and family for granted. I get so tied up in daily routines and trying to get orders filled that I don't take the time to enjoy my wonderful family God has blessed me with. I had a full day planned today and was stressing over how I was going to get everything done, and on the way home from car line, Grady asked me to play outside with him-normally, I would have said, not today, mommy has lots to get done, but before I could think about it, something inside me blurted out, "I would love to!". It wasn't until Grady said, "will you really?" that I realized just how much I was focusing on things that didn't really matter and was missing out on precious time with my children.

There is nothing in this world that makes me happier than those 3 precious babies. They are my heaven on earth, and I vow not to take them for granted and to make the most of every minute God gives me with them.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


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